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Intravenous infusions / Cocktails

infusionbar - ENERGY - R995

Infusionbar - ENERGY - is a bespoke designed intravenous cocktail to fight fatigue, keep you alert in meetings, and improve your general feeling of wellbeing. Both mental and physical fatigue could benefit from Infusionbar - ENERGY. Please note:  At Infusionbar we insist on an initial medical evaluation by one of our doctors to rule out ,other conditions that could cause fatigue.

infusionbar - IMMUNITY - R1150

Infusionbar - IMMUNITY - is every immune system's best friend. By giving your body all the vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids and anti oxidants it needs to fight infection and build a healthy immune system, Infusionbar - IMMUNITY could keep you healthy during those pesky flu seasons.

infusionbar - RECOVERY - R995

Infusionbar - RECOVERY - is a hydration and replenishment cocktail that can assist the liver and kidneys with detoxification, after times of overindulgence.  When your previous night is affecting your ability to function the next day, Infusionbar - RECOVERY could speed up your return to optimal functioning.

Infusionbar - SPORTY - is designed with dedicated, active sportsmen and women in mind. When optimizing performance and minimizing recovery time is important to you Infusionbar - SPORTY - could be the tool the sets you apart from your competitors.

Please note:  at infusionbar we abide strictly to the rules for intravenous infusions for athletes (as set out by the World Anti Doping Association (WADA).  We will therefor keep your infusion volume small (< 50mls in 6 hours), but don't despair this "Mini IV" packs the same amount of punch.  Also, none of our ingredients is on the prohibited list of substances, so you can have this IV with complete peace of mind.

infusionbar - GLOWY - R 1100

Infusionbar - GLOWY - is our high dose gluthathione and vitamin C drip.  Regular use of this infusion can detoxify the body, help the immune system and lead to a healthier looking, lighter and brighter skin complexion. Glutathione has a multitude of other health benefits - watch our for our blog post on this topic!

infusionbar - MTHFR(Y) - R 1150

Infusionbar - MTHFR (Y) - is the answer to those suffering from the MTHFR gene mutation.  By infusing you with L - Gluthathione, Methyl Cyanocobalamine, Selenium and N-Acetylcisteine, we give your body the building blocks to correct the deficiencies created by this important gene mutation.

infusionbar - SPORTY - R1150

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