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IV Infusions for athletes

Are you training for a big event? Trying to smash your 10km PB? Or just looking for that extra boost to push your training and performance to the next level? Infusionbar has the answer for all athletes from professionals to weekend warriors. Our Infusionbar SPORTY infusion can help you reach the next level in training or racing and might just be the boost your body needs to reach it's maximum potential.

Vitamins and minerals, collectively termed micronutrients, play an essential role in all biochemical pathways in the human body. When exercise frequency and intensity are sufficiently high, these metabolic pathways are more heavily stressed and this increases the turnover and loss of various micronutrients from the body. As a result , increased intake of certain micronutrients may be required to provide in these heightened needs for building, repair and optimizing the efficiency of biochemical pathways used during athlete's training and competition.

Recent studies prove to show that contrary to popular belief, most athletes require micronutrient supplementation and that intavenous (IV) administrationof micronutrients may be quicker and more effective than oral supplementation. What about a well balanced diet? Research literature once again found that despite having a diet high in quality nutrient intake, most athletes still fall short of the 100% RDA of micronutrient levels. Our dietary choices do not provide all the micronutrients necessary to prevent nutrient-deficiency diseases, let alone optimize athletic potential or maximise injury recovery. Common micronutrients found lacking in athletes' diets are zinc, magnesium, calcium, the B vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E and selenium.

Which route should be used for supplementation - oral or IV? The use of IV therapy have merit due to the fact that certain vitamins and minerals compete with each other for absorption when taken orally and that gastrointestinal absorption has upper limits. Another important point to note is that a large percentage of people lack optimal gastrointestinal health due to various diseases or the use of antibiotic therapy and that the absorption of micronutrients from the GI tract might be further compromised by these factors.

Our Infusionbar SPORTY infusion contain the essential micronutrients necessary to improve the body's recovery after strenuous activity, giving the body exactly what it needs, exactly where it needs it, to quickly regenerate, repair and recreate the cells and tissue that you use for athletic performance. We also add amino acids to further boost performance and endurance in a legal way.

Book yours today to beat your best!

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